About Us

About Us

We’re here to give you everything you need to know to let you select a hearing aid (Hearing System) with confidence, the minimum of wasted time and at a cost which suits you.

It’s free, as will be your hearing aids and batteries if you have your hearing tested. There are, though, as you might expect, many advantages to having Hearing Aids prescribed through a private ‘Dispensing’ business or individual. These include

While investigating the history of your ‘Hearing’, which could help in providing a tailor made option for you, an average consultation last for just 45 minutes, which isn’t a long time to solve a problem (if there’s one) concerning one of your most vital senses. ‘Private’ dispensers/audiologists work under a strict code of practice, meaning you’ll get the best advice about any hearing test results: a personal machine will tell you this if you’ll not profit from a Hearing Aid.

Do consistently ask if they can furnish free batteries, for how long; and also inquire what guarantees apply to your hearing system. It is reasonable to have up to five years’ guaranteed with your hearing system, although in such cases the reductions you receive will be lower. However you should ask what discounts are on offer: there is always room to negotiate.

If you’ve got a private system, and run into a problem (i.e. it doesn’t work), there will always be a phone help service, and if you need a visit from your dispenser you will get one; there will almost definitely be no charge for this (ask first). You would usually need indeed to make a meeting visit your local ‘ENT’.

Attempt to ensure that your ears aren’t blocked before the date of your test. If they’re, this will mean that the trial will probably be delayed, as the existence of an excessive amount of wax can change (detrimentally) the results of a hearing test. Prepare yourself to answer some ‘medical history’ and ‘lifestyle’ questions, that’ll help the dispenser.

Attempt to have someone with you. This will ensure you will be comfortable with what is said and done, and you can always get an opinion from someone you know. A friend/relative who is present at the test will ensure that you just understand everything being said and requested of you if your hearing is inferior.

Enable an hour or so to an hour or so and a half on your test. Be positive about it: any good hearing aid dispenser will genuinely attempt to help you. So he or she may spend some time to explain recommendations that are ultimate and their findings.

So if you like to have the finest……….

‘More channels’ means the hearing aid can precisely match a hearing impairment in different frequencies along the human range of hearing.

Please also take note that the prescription may be categorized into ‘mild’, ‘moderate’, ‘severe’ or ‘profound’ when it comes to the level of hearing loss you may be experiencing. Hearing aids may be recommended for a reduction that was mild or moderate: this will be explained. mediumBut so that you’re conscious, even if you have just a mild or moderate hearing impairment, one or two hearing aids may still be of significant advantage to your brain may need to be exercised so that you just can enjoy the best hearing experiences available to you personally. The dispenser isn’t, under such circumstances, trying to deceive you in any manner.